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Pay Your Parking Tickets Or Face A License Block

6 Sep , 2018  

Do you have several outstanding parking tickets? You might want to think twice about leaving them unpaid.

The Mansfield Division of Police has implemented BMV driver license renewal blocks for individuals with excessive outstanding parking citations. Recently, the division blocked 59 individual persons with the Bureau. These 59 individuals have a combined total of 502 unpaid parking citations.

The Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C. 4521.10) allows for a driver’s license renewal to be blocked due to unpaid parking citations.

If you have unpaid parking citations, please pay them at the Mansfield Utility Collection Department located at 99 Park Avenue East, to avoid having a BMV block. If your driver’s license or vehicle registration has been blocked due to excessive unpaid citation, you must pay the balance and associated fees and then obtain a release form from the Mansfield Police Traffic Section.

If you have any questions, please call the Mansfield Division of Police Traffic Section at 419-755-9738.

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