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Mansfield District Council Takes Steps To Ensure Coronavirus Information Is Available

19 Apr , 2020  

Publisher’s Note: We are happy to be sharing posts from Mansfield’s Sister City, Mansfield, England, in the county of Nottinghamshire, through our new relationship with the Mansfield and Ashfield News-Journal. We are posting these both to acquaint our readers with how the coronavirus is impacting those in other parts of the world and, in particular, in a city with which we have a close bond. Note that the original UK spelling has been retained throughout.

Mansfield District Council is writing to more than 10,000 vulnerable people in the district to ensure they have information to access extra support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The letter from chief executive Hayley Barsby, which will start arriving at homes from Tuesday, 21st April, encourages anyone who needs extra help and support to contact the countywide community hub on 0300 500 8080. Signposting is also made to a local befriending service, to local councillors and to the Mansfield Community Hub.

“The letter is just one of the many ways we are talking to our residents and offering additional support during these difficult times,” she said.

“It will be sent as an agreed approach with our county partners to reach out to those who are elderly, those who already access additional support or need extra help day to day.

“It is important for the council to contact directly those who need us most, using the most appropriate method.

“We also ask that residents continue to be neighbourly as it really is making a difference in Mansfield.

“Check in on friends and family and use the local support networks that are available to them but always remember to adhere to the government guidance on social distancing.”

Since the start of the social distancing period, the council has focused on the delivery of critical services which includes help for vulnerable people.

It has established a community hub where officers phone people, who are at higher risk, every day. It also organises a food distribution system for people who are in most need.

Resources have been dedicated to ensuring that the latest information reaches residents and businesses through digital channels, text and email.

In the past month the council’s website has been visited by 220,000 people. Around 40 per cent of that traffic is for the section, the council’s online Covid-19 resource offering support for residents and businesses.

Social media, along with newsletters emailed to businesses and tenants, are also playing an important role in conveying key messages.

Around 300 people a day are accessing information on the Mansfield Community Hub to help find local help groups, food delivery services and emotional support.

Ward councillors are also assisting residents, signposting them to local schemes. Contact details for councillors can be found online at

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