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Landmarks Of Mansfield: John Krause House

27 Apr , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

The fact that the John Krause House sits where it does is something which has puzzled some historians.

The house was designed with strong Prairie Style influences, much as its two-block-away neighbor, the Rufus Kern House at number 608 Park Avenue West. These two houses were built in a style which was not often found on Midwest main streets, as the influence of architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright was considered a bit “modern” and not exactly mainstream. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Richland Trust Building

19 Apr , 2020  

It was undoubtedly an interesting time for Directors of the new Richland Trust Company when, on November 2, 1929, they opened their monumental eight-story headquarters at the corner of North Main and Park Avenue West. Just the week before, the infamous Black Tuesday had seen the New York Stock Exchange lose 12% of its value in one day.

In Mansfield, however, the same period saw the completion of a nine-month project to give a newly merged bank a glistening new building. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: St. Peter’s Catholic Church

12 Apr , 2020  

NOTE: We are very pleased to re-share this Landmarks of Mansfield post in celebration of Easter, which is important to the city’s Christian communities.

For the last 100 years, the 125 feet high towers of the landmark St. Peter’s Catholic Church have themselves done double duty, standing sentinel over the central part of Mansfield while at the same time encouraging passers-by to look in a heavenly direction. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: Raemelton Farm

9 Apr , 2020  

Today’s landmark is not of a single structure or monument, as previous Landmarks of Mansfield listings have been. Instead, it is a collection of buildings located in what remains a somewhat rural setting on the southwest side of the city.

Raemelton Farm was established in 1918 by civic leader Frank Black, and named after the town in Ireland from which his father had emigrated to America. The farm was landscaped by famed landscape architect Martha Cruger Coffin, who was responsible for several outstanding gardens and landscapes including those at Winterthur in Wilmington, Delaware. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: The Silas M. Douglas House

31 Mar , 2020  

Publisher’s Note: Realizing that many Richland Countians are now working from home or forced to remain there due to self-quarantining or reduced travel, we are sharing stories from our archives, and adding some new ones, over the next few weeks in what we hope will be occasional diversions from coronavirus worries. This post was published by 1812Blockhouse back in June 2017:

This stately home on Park Avenue West was built by a man with a sterling reputation in the community.

His name was Silas Marion Douglas, but around Mansfield he was commonly referred to as “Judge Douglas.” He was born in January, 1853 in Monroe Township, Richland County, and was a graduate of both Heidelberg College in Tiffin and the Cincinnati Law College. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: Mansfield Savings Bank Building

1 Mar , 2020  

A building with a rich past and an unknown future, the Mansfield Savings Bank Building sits majestically on the northwest corner of North Main and West Fourth Streets,  anchoring the Carousel District and serving as a backdrop for civic festivals and events.

For those who visit, the inside of the building matches the extraordinary presence of the exterior. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: Mansfield’s Carnegie Library Building

27 Oct , 2019  

At some date in late 1907, a Mansfield woman boarded a train and headed to New York City. Armed with determination and expressions of commitment from civic leaders, her intent was clear – she wanted to secure a grant from noted industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie for a library building in Mansfield. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Farmers Bank Building

17 Oct , 2019  

It rises some 157 feet above the pavement of Park Avenue West, a 53,000 square foot structure that speaks to the optimism and economic health of early 20th century Mansfield.

The Farmers Bank Building was constructed in 1929. In that decade and the one following, many Midwestern cities saw the building of Classical and Art Deco skyscrapers, many of which, like the Farmers Bank Building, remain the tallest in their respective communities. Each provided a dramatic refutation that its city was a “backwater,” instead proclaiming that it had “arrived” in the modern world. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Kern House

4 Oct , 2019  

Prolific architect Vernon Redding, who was undoubtedly the busiest Mansfield architect in the early decades of the 20th century, designed many of the local landmarks we have profiled in this series. He was also extremely versatile, as evidenced by the wide variety of styles in which he designed residences, commercial buildings, schools, and churches.

Late in the first decade of the 1900s, Redding became interested in the new Prairie School style of architecture, a movement born in the Midwest and whose most famous proponent was Frank Lloyd Wright. The Prairie Style emphasized horizontal lines, with residences featuring “…horizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs with broad overhanging eaves, windows grouped in horizontal bands, integration with the landscape, solid construction, craftsmanship, and discipline in the use of ornament” according to Wikipedia. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Doctor Ecki House

28 Aug , 2019  

It still sits perched on a rise on the south side of Park Avenue West as the street makes its way westward from the five way intersection. It’s truly hard to miss, as it is a massive structure, clearly designed to make a statement to passersby.

In 2019, however, the statement the house is making is more about the precarious situation in which much of Mansfield’s remaining history finds itself. The last several years have seen scores of unique survivors of the city’s nineteenth and early twentieth century past lost to demolition. Fortunately, the Dr. Ecki House joins others on Park Avenue West that hold on valiantly, defying the odds. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Colonial

10 Jul , 2019  

The Colonial has graced the southeast corner of Park Avenue West and Benton Street since 1905 with its imposing three story front portico.

The building was erected by local businessman Edward William Dann. Dann, who lived from 1869 to 1950, was initially engaged in the fruit business, and moved to Mansfield from Columbus in the latter years of the nineteenth century. He would eventually become a board member and then president of the Richland Mutual Insurance Company. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Fraser House

28 Apr , 2019  

On a fall evening in 2016, the setting sun cast a golden glow on western facing buildings in Mansfield. Included among those was the Alexander Fraser House, sitting as it does on a rise on Park Avenue West overlooking the entrance to South Park (see photo above). More…


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Landmarks Of Mansfield: Grace Episcopal Church

4 Mar , 2019  

The stately building on the southwest corner of Third and Bowman Streets near downtown represents a 171 year history of the Episcopal Church in Mansfield.

Established in 1846, the same year that brought railroads to town, Grace Episcopal Church’s first parishioners included members of the Bartley and Sherman families. Two years later, its first church building was constructed on Third Street just east of Mulberry. More…


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Landmarks Of Mansfield: Mansfield Dry Goods Building

3 Jan , 2019  

Sometimes an element of good can come from a tragic event, particularly one that does not involve loss of life or limb. More…

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