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Pssst.. There’s A Few Secrets In Downtown Mansfield

16 Sep , 2020  

Special To 1812Blockhouse

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) will hold the 2020 Secret City Tour on Saturday, September 19 from 10:00 AM to 4 PM.

Take a peek into some of Mansfield’s most exquisite historic buildings and architectural gems on this self-guided tour. With continued interest in downtown development, this tour offers a unique look to the past while challenging us to reimagine the future of these great spaces.

Buildings on the 2020 Secret City Tour will include: 129 North Main Street, 100 North Main Street (second floor), 159 North Walnut Street, 118 North Main Street (second floor), 80 West Third Street, 25 East Fourth Street (second floor), 86 East Fifth Street, 116 Penn Avenue. More…

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All About Richland

Public Art Initiative Launched In Downtown Mansfield

15 Sep , 2020  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

The Richland Community Development Group Art Sector has announced that it is leading a public art initiative in downtown Mansfield.

The project will be funded by various businesses and organizations with a 50% matching grant from the Richland County Foundation as part of its Mansfield Rising Project. More…

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All Things Business

A Chapter Ends As Bookstore Announces Closure

9 Sep , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

It’s a sad day on Main Street.

In an announcement on its website, Mansfield’s “Bookstore Lady,” Llalan Fowler, manager of Main Street Books, announced that the county’s only independent bookstore will be closing.

The last day for the store will be on Saturday, September 26.

In the post, Fowler shared words of gratitude.

“As the manager for over nine years, I want to thank all of you who have supported the bookstore. It’s not easy for independent bookstores to survive anywhere, but is especially challenging in little towns like Mansfield. I fought day in and out to keep the bookstore open, but it was ultimately a losing battle,” the statement shared. More…

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All Things Business

Support Local Entrepreneurs At Social On Main

2 Sep , 2020  

Local small business find a spot at Social on Main.

No doubt this year has been rough on small businesses all over. At Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI), we’ve opened up our newly renovated storefront and will be welcoming small business. On Friday, September 4 from 12-8 and Saturday September 5 from 10-4, stop in 128 North Main Street and shop with entrepreneurs growing their small business right here in downtown Mansfield.

We are excited to bring you Winnie James Boutique, Calla Lily Yarn Works, Jessiegail’s Jazzed Up Junk, Papparazzi, Mani Adventures with Alyssa, GJRP 3D Printing, Lola & Lily’s Pastry Shop, Star Dazzlerzz and more. More…

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History & Tourism

Mansfield, Delaware Holding “Secret,” “Hidden” Downtown Tours Next Month

27 Aug , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse, 1808Delaware

Now that social distancing, masks, and other guidelines have been established as the new “normal” — at least for the time being — non-profit organizations are working to return to programming.

For downtown organizations in Mansfield and Delaware, that means an opportunity to gain a rare peek inside buildings you pass every day. Both city centers are replete with older structures that present dynamic adaptive reuse potential.

These events will both take place in September. More…

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Downtown Mansfield Stroll

29 Jun , 2020  

Join 1812Blockhouse as we look back at a photo stroll we took a couple of years ago through downtown Mansfield. Click on the photo below to access. More…

All About Richland

Free Popcorn At Downtown Mansfield Businesses On June 5

4 Jun , 2020  

To celebrate the Renaissance 2020-21 Season Preview Live event, the Renaissance Performing Arts Association will be giving away free popcorn at our friends’ and neighbors’ businesses in Downtown Mansfield on Friday, June 5 from 12:00-5:00 PM. Located within three of the popcorn bags will be a gift card to a local restaurant: a $25 gift certificate to Doc’s Deli, a $25 gift certificate to Uncle Johns Place, and a $20 gift certificate to Dan Lew Exchange. The gift cards will be secured in a separate bag within the popcorn and will be randomly placed at participating businesses. More…


All About Richland

A Peaceful Protest

31 May , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

“There is majesty in all of us,” one speaker declared.

Expressions of anger, love, frustration, and hope filled the air in Central Park in downtown Mansfield on Saturday morning as hundreds gathered for a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest which was both similar and different than events nationwide.

The event was like others in many of the emotions and feelings shared by speakers and written on placards. It was unlike some in that it was designed to be, and stayed, a peaceful expression of those sentiments. More…

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All About Richland

Love Local For Father’s Day

21 May , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff; Downtown Mansfield, Inc.

You’ve likely heard of “shop local.” Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) invites you to extend that idea to “love local” as well.

Mansfield’s downtown revitalization organzation had great success on Mother’s Day, so they are now offering Love Local Father’s Day Gift Boxes as well.

DMI shares, “ We have teamed up a different set of 10 downtown merchants to bring together the best of downtown, dad style. Whether you purchase the gift boxes for your dad, your son, your brother, or yourself, it’s a great way to enjoy downtown and support our community of business owners. More…

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All About Richland

Give A Love Local Gift Box For Mother’s Day

1 May , 2020  

It’s a way to support local merchants while pampering that lady who deserves a bit of extra love these days.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. is excited to launch the Love Local Mother’s Day Gift Boxes!

In a cooperative project between DMI and 10 downtown merchants, we are bringing together our love of moms and shopping local featuring some of the best items downtown has to offer. Whether you purchase the gift boxes for your mom, your daughter, your friends or yourself, it’s a great way to enjoy downtown and support our community of business owners. More…

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History & Tourism

Landmarks of Mansfield: The Richland Trust Building

19 Apr , 2020  

It was undoubtedly an interesting time for Directors of the new Richland Trust Company when, on November 2, 1929, they opened their monumental eight-story headquarters at the corner of North Main and Park Avenue West. Just the week before, the infamous Black Tuesday had seen the New York Stock Exchange lose 12% of its value in one day.

In Mansfield, however, the same period saw the completion of a nine-month project to give a newly merged bank a glistening new building. More…

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All About Richland

Spring In To Downtown Mansfield’s First Friday Shop Hop

6 Mar , 2020  

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. is hosting its monthly First Friday Shop Hop in the historic downtown on Friday, March 6. Several merchants are set to participate, and the event will include live music, live art, drumming, and more!

March First Friday Shop Hop will feature: More…

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Downtown, Holidays

Christmas Shopping in Richland County

9 Dec , 2019  

If you still need to purchase gifts for the holidays, look no further than local Richland County businesses. This is not just a way to find the perfect gift, but also to support your local economy. There are far too many businesses and services to include all of them, but here are a few of our favorites: More…

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All About Richland, Downtown

Two Visitors Will Be On Hand As Mansfield Welcomes The Holidays

6 Dec , 2019  

Two guests will be visiting downtown Mansfield on Friday night.

Who are they? Here’s a hint – one of them will be wearing red and white and the other has been known to wear a crown.

December 6 is not only the monthly First Friday Shop Hop in downtown Mansfield, it’s also the official kickoff to the holiday season. This annual community gathering is full of holiday fun and spirit. More…

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All Things Business, Downtown

Newly Renovated Space Available for Downtown Living in Mansfield

21 Nov , 2019  

Those who have participated in the Secret City Tour in downtown Mansfield may remember having toured four dark, dirty and – in some areas – junk-filled upstairs apartments that had not been lived in for several decades. Over the course of the last two years, the apartments at 46 Park Avenue West have been emptied out, renovated, and are now ready for new life as high-end downtown apartments that overlook that street. All of this is thanks to new building owners who had a vision for the apartments, as well as the downstairs retail space. More…

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