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17 Feb , 2020  

Over three years ago, we here at 1812Blockhouse set out to create something brand new — a place for you, our readers, to find the most information possible about this place that you call home.

How did we go about doing that?

For starters, we made the decision to only include news and information about Richland County and Richland Countians. Clicking on headlines to discover if they have local relevance isn’t needed on 1812Blockhouse. Ever. More…

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All About Richland

Brigitte Coles Returns To the Air With Online Show

30 Oct , 2019  

Former WMFD-TV anchor/reporter Brigitte Coles has recently launched a new online interview show called Turn Up the Volume. The show is produced by Brian Skowronski of OH Report, and is available through the OH Report website and Youtube page, in addition to being shared on social media. More…


All About Richland

Richland Source Uses National Model To Engage With Voters, Candidates

13 Sep , 2019  

Emphasizing that “elections should be about voters, not candidates,” local media site Richland Source has set out on a unique journey for the fall.

It’s a three-part path. First, it’s about listening, as Richland Source representatives convene voter meetings in each of Mansfield’s wards to allow attendees to share priorities and views on city issues during guided discussions. Second, it’s about moderating the conversation between candidates in the form of the Mansfield Mayoral Debate on October 17 at the Renaissance Theatre, using collected voter input as a guide. And lastly, it’s about sharing a compendium of discussion from those ward meetings with those elected to office in November. More…

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1812Blockhouse: Three Years Of Pioneering

8 Sep , 2019  

You might not realize it, but at this very moment you are reading a post on a local news and information website that differs from almost every other such site in the country.

When the switch was flipped back on September 8, 2016, Richland County became the very first small to mid-sized media market in America (that we knew of or know of) with a site committed to keeping its readers informed not only through its own news coverage, but also by actually pointing readers to local news covered by other media as well. Each day since, we have not only done our own reporting, but we have featured links to stores on WMFD, the Mansfield News Journal, Richland Source, and to social media posts from dozens of other local governments, organizations, churches, and businesses to create a one-stop information center.

It has now been three years since 1812Blockhouse went live. Over 3,700 posts, 50,000 shared links, and millions of views later, that goal of creating informed readers remains at the very heart of what we do. More…

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All Things Business

It’s Official: GateHouse And Gannett To Merge; News Journal To Have New Owner

7 Aug , 2019  

The news which everyone expected arrived on Monday. GateHouse is acquiring Gannett, creating a new company (called Gannett) which will own over 250 newspapers across the country in some 47 states. Those include three news operations in north central Ohio – the Mansfield News Journal, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, and Marion Star.

That represents, by the way, more than one-sixth of all daily newspapers that remain in publication. More…

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All Things Business

A GateHouse, Gannett Merger: What Would It Mean For Ohio And Mansfield?

4 Aug , 2019  

According to many reports over the last few weeks, two of the country’s powerhouse media companies — GateHouse and Gannett —  are in deep conversation with a likely merger on their minds.

Actually, the former of those two would be doing the gobbling up, not the latter. A good analysis of the discussion can be found here.

What, one might ask, could such a merger mean for Richland County? It’s a question well worth asking. More…

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All About Richland

Bellville Star Ceases Print Publication; Announces Merger With Galion Inquirer Product

29 Mar , 2019  

In a Thursday announcement shared on its website, The Bellville Star announced that its Thursday edition was its last in print format.

According to the post, which can be read here, Bellville News will begin to appear in the Galion Inquirer online and in a supplement on Wednesdays. The Bellville Star website will also be re-directed to that of the Inquirer, which is at: www.galioninquirer.com. More…



1812Blockhouse Adopting Fresher Posting Cycle

4 Mar , 2019  

We’re always looking for better ways to bring you the best collection of news and information each day about Richland County and Richland Countians.

With that goal in mind, we’re making a change to our news cycle. More…


1812Blockhouse, All Things Business

A Handful Of Changes To Better Bring You Richland County News

1 Feb , 2019  

Here are a couple of quotes – one heard from a Mansfield area journalist some weeks ago (not important who it was), and another from a news publisher in another location far from here. Both refer to the concept of including links from other media on one’s news site. The first is paraphrased but very much the gist of what was shared.

Local Journalist“We would never do that. We’re in competition with other sites!”

Non-Local Publisher:“The one mystery of … news organizations is that they still don’t link out.. which is ludicrous. Every day… multiple news organizations are putting out stuff that’s interesting to the audience, and if you’re not willing to share that with them, shame on you!”

What that publisher discovered is a premise upon which 1812Blockhouse is based. We want to be the best place to go each day to get access to the best writing and coverage about Richland County and Richland Countians. More…


All Things Business

Three Thousand And Counting

10 Dec , 2018  

Our second local media post in two days – this one, however, is about ourselves.

At some point this week, 1812Blockhouse will be publishing post number 3,000 – and we’re taking a moment out to celebrate. More…


1812Blockhouse, All About Richland

Thank You, Richland County!

22 Nov , 2018  

On our first Thanksgiving here at 1812Blockhouse, we shared a message of thanks from us to you, our readers. We re-posted the same article a year later on Thanksgiving 2017 with relevant updates, and we’re doing so again this year with a couple of updates (in italics). Otherwise, this is the same message we have shared before. The sentiments have not changed.

Please be aware that we are not going to be publishing on Thanksgiving Day as we share the day with family. We’ll be back and in full form first thing on Friday morning. More…

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What’s In A Name – Or A Logo?

21 Nov , 2018  

We don’t talk about ourselves that often at 1812Blockhouse, which is an oversight we really need to correct. The last time we spoke in first person was when we shared news of the launch of 1808Delaware back in September (things are going well there – be sure to check it out at: www.1808delaware.com).

Today we thought we’d point out a bit of a change on 1812Blockhouse – particularly on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It’s our logo. You may note the slightly updated look, our first in over two years.  More…


All Things Business

Richland Source Launches Ashland Source On Separate Website

18 Oct , 2018  

On Wednesday, local media outlet Richland Source took a page from its current site and gave it a home of its own.

In the process, the new separate Ashland Source website was born. More…

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Two Announcements From 1812Blockhouse

5 Sep , 2018  

From Thomas Palmer, 1812Blockhouse Publisher:

There’s something about the number “two” I really like.

I have two children, for starters.

Here’s another reason: 1812Blockhouse is celebrating the number “two” in “two” ways this week. First, we turn two years old on Saturday – a mini milestone for any local media effort. Second, we are sharing an announcement below that very much concerns the same number. More…

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