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National Old House Website Features Mansfield Property

8 May , 2018  

People from around the country, and around the world, visit the Old House Dreams website either to do just that – dream about owning and/or restoring a period house or building – or to actually shop for a new place to live or work.

According to the site, “OHD has become a community of folks that love and respect these homes, they are not “just an old house” to us. Since it’s inception, OHD has had over 26 million page views, over 10,000 homes shared and topped 200,000 comments (that number changes as homes are removed from the site). Despite how OHD looks it should not be confused with a real estate agency. It’s actually just a blog of the best of the best of old houses.”

A handful of weeks ago one of those profiled houses was right here in Richland County.

The house at 815 Marion Avenue in Mansfield was built about 1920, according to Old House Dreams. Described as being “Colonial Revival” in style, it features five fireplaces, multiple hardwoods, subway-tiled bathrooms, and 1.53 acres of land.

The entry on Old House Dreams (accessible here) includes 38 exterior and interior pictures of the house. It states that the listing price is $349,900; the listing on the Sluss Realty website (accessible here) has the same sales price posted.

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