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Commissioners Continue Animal Control Conversation; Dispel Dog Warden Rumors

9 Aug , 2018  

The topic of animal control has been a front burner local issue over the last few years, and it was brought up at a recent meeting of the Richland County Commissioners.

In June, Mansfield City Council discussed the control situation after three city children were attacked and/or bitten by dogs in the preceding ten weeks. As the Mansfield News Journal stated in covering the meeting, “Council members also discussed the possibility of reinstating a contract between the city and the Richland County commissioners for animal control enforcement. A previous $30,000 contract paid for the county to enforce the city’s ordinances by funding an additional dog warden officer. But as financial difficulties hit Mansfield, the city contract was eliminated in 2009.”

On August 2, the topic was brought up at a Commissioners meeting by Commissioner Marilyn John. During a recent meeting with the Mansfield Police Chief about a possible renewal of that contract, John shared, a Councilman and the Chief shared rumors regarding the Dog Warden.

The following were those rumors, as cited in the meeting minutes:

“They are saying they do not take dogs in because the kennels are full and we keep dogs for 2 to 3 years. Commissioner John stated that is not true. Even though we are a no kill center that does not mean we do not put dogs down. If they are not adoptable, they will be put down. 12 dogs have been put down this year, 30 last year, and 50, 40 and 133 the years before that. Also, on an occasion they have had a dog for a year but not close to two years.”

The Richland County Dog Warden’s Office & Shelter, run by Dog Warden Dave Jordan, maintains a very popular Facebook page with well over 14,000 followers.

Sources: Mansfield News Journal, Richland County Commissioners

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