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Marketing Richland County Gets Boost With New CVB Website

3 May , 2018  

Destination Mansfield – Richland County just took a step into the future of travel marketing.

Tourism is big business in Ohio. According to TourismOhio, it is a $43 billion industry, and the state welcomes over 200 million visitors annually. From an employment point of view, some 427,000 Ohio jobs are tied to tourism.

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, the industry is strongly driven by digital marketing. Gone are the days when travel brochures were the primary method to learn about potential day trips and voyages further afield; as of 2016, over 70% of travelers that have smartphones have used them for researching places to visit, and over 30% of mobile searches are specifically related to a location.

Long a user of digital marketing to reach potential visitors to this part of the state, Destination Mansfield-Richland County has just unveiled a new website clearly designed to promote area attractions and events in an effective way.

The site includes elements of the organization’s former site, including a calendar of events, blog, trip ideas, meeting location information, group tours, and the ability to book a hotel room online.

Added to those features, and in a responsive format easily accessibly on desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, are new individual attraction pages that collect information about specific venues. These include photos, upcoming events, and more. New themed collections are also presented, including those based on movies, outdoor activities, racing, downtowns, etc.. A “Trails” area features the Wine & Ale and Shawshank Trails, the Johnny Appleseed Byway, and others; another collections showcase venues for families with children.

Throughout, outstanding photograph of Richland County attractions and scenes provide a strong visual enticement for visitors.

Congratulations to Destination Mansfield – Richland County on beautiful and user friendly new online home! The new website can be found at: www.destinationmansfield.com.

Sources: Destination Mansfield – Richland County; TourismOhio; TrekSoft.com; Photo: 1812Blockhouse

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