Conference At OSUM Focuses On Boosting Math Education

23 Nov , 2018  

Area teachers, students and community members who attended the FlagwayTM Conference at The Ohio State University at Mansfield in October are getting ready to take what they learned and pass it on. They will be teaching others in the community on the new approach to elementary mathematics education at a Training the Trainers event later this month.

“Research shows that struggling students in third and fourth grade begin a descent, especially when beginning modules on multiplication, division, and mathematics with fractions,” said Ohio State Mansfield Math Literacy Initiative Co-Director Dr. Terri Bucci. “FlagwayTM gives these students the ability to explore these principles and extend their knowledge in a way that is enjoyable to them. FlagwayTM both nationally and locally has been effective in these grade bands.”

FlagwayTM, developed by Algebra Project Founder Bob Moses and managed by The Young People’s Project (YPP), is intended to provide students with an interactive and enjoyable way to learn mathematics in a safe environment. YPP Founder Maisha Moses presented the training in Mansfield. Local school districts have committed to forming FlagwayTM leagues. The grant also provides funding for regional and national FlagwayTM tournaments. Locally, educators interested in learning about the impact of FlagwayTM on mathematics education for their students and school systems through a league are invited to participate in the Training the Trainers.

Informational sessions will be hosted in various locations through the service region. For more information on these programs, contact Bucci at 419-755-4243 or email her at [email protected].

The FlagwayTM Conference was put on by the Math Literacy Initiative (MLI) at Ohio State Mansfield as part of a four-year $110,500 grant from the David W. and Louise W. Evans, Dell Armstrong McMillen, Donald E. Mills and Marion Draffan Wisdom Funds of the Richland County Foundation.

Source: The Ohio State University at Mansfield

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