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EBeacons At Kingwood Lead The Way

11 Apr , 2018  

The next time you visit Kingwood Center Gardens, be sure to take your phone.

With the installation of 12 eBeacons throughout the gardens which were activated in 2017, you can enjoy a curated experience as you walk the paths and visit the various buildings. The beacons are connected to the Kingwood Center Gardens App, which is available on both iTunes for iPhones and on the Google Play Store for Android.

 Kingwood Center Gardens- screenshot thumbnail With the App installed and activated, each eBeacon will provide content as you enter a specific area. Instant information will be provided, enabling visitors to enjoy an intimate and educational experience. Content has been written by Kingwood’s horticultural staff, some of it historical, some horticultural, and other parts just find.

Rewards are also a part of the experience, including rewards for downloading, birthdays, and purchases.

The first eBeacon greets visitors as they arrive in the parking lot off of Trimble Road.

The App itself includes “What Not To Miss,” which highlights currently blooming plants (as of this date, that would be Spanish Bluebell or Wood Hyacinth); “Say Hi,” which connects visitors to Kingwood staff; and “Share Your Story,” where you can relay your own tour experiences.

To download the app, visit either the iTunes or Google Play stores and search for Kingwood Center.

Sources: Kingwood Center Gardens

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