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State Officials Like What They See At Richland Newhope

16 Jan , 2020  

Richland Newhope, the Richland County Board of Developmental Disabilities, received a visit earlier this week from Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Director Jeff Davis. Accompanying Davis was DODD Chief Strategy Officer Raivo Murnieks and DODD Legislative Liaison Jeremiah Wagner.

The DODD staff met with Richland Newhope staff at Raintree, a congregate living facility, for a breakfast discussion and a tour of the facility. During the visit, Davis and his staff were able to observe the services provided to the individuals who receive assistance.

Following the tour, Davis joined Richland Newhope staff and others to attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony presented by the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce for the county’s first multi-system youth care home.

The result of a partnership between I Am Boundless, Inc. and Richland Newhope, the Cherry Hill Youth Home serves adolescents and adults from ages 14 to 21. I Am Boundless, Inc. will provide around the clock care from a trained staff that specializes in services including psychiatry, group therapy, family therapy, care coordination, case management, community-based counseling, and behavior consultation. These specialized wrap-around services help keep the adolescents in their Richland County community and offer congruency across all life areas.

When asked about his overall visit with Richland Newhope, Davis stated, “I saw a caring county, I saw leadership, I saw innovation, I saw true partnership; a future of our system.”

“We were excited to have Director Davis, and some of his staff come and visit Richland County so that we could showcase some of the great things we are doing to support individuals with disabilities,” said Richland Newhope Superintendent Michele Giess.

Richland Newhope supports more than 1,600 Richland County residents through early intervention, preschool, transition services, day services, supported employment, residential, therapy, and other family support programs.

Source, Photo: Richland Newhope

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