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What Do You Want For Mansfield?

16 Jan , 2020  

Do you sometimes wish that the mayor would pick up the phone and call you, to ask for your input about what is working, and what needs to be changed, in your city? It’s pretty unlikely that such a scenario will happen, but Your Voice Ohio wants to offer the next best thing for Mansfielders.

Your Voice Ohio is a collaborative effort by news organizations across Ohio to better respond to the needs and aspirations of all Ohioans. In Mansfield, they have scheduled a dinner for Tuesday, January 28, and will solicit feedback for questions such as the following:

  • What does a community look like where people are happy and live fulfilled lives?
  • What would you change about your community to move in the direction of happy and fulfilled lives?
  • What are the assets of the community that can be applied to making change?

Importantly, the feedback gathered will be used to determine feasible solutions and all of that information will be shared with local leaders in the Hope’s of affecting real, positive change. The free event is being held in downtown Mansfield and food and drink will be provided. For tickets and full details, visit


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