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Early In Person Voting Levels Strong On Longview Avenue

8 Oct , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

As might be expected, 1495 West Longview Avenue in Mansfield is a busy place these days.

The home of the Richland County Board of Elections is also the location for those wishing to vote in person, but before Election Day, to cast their ballots.

Over the last two days — Tuesday was the first date for such voting in Ohio — the Board of Elections has been monitoring the traffic level of voting Richland Countians. What they have found is that the volume of voters is up dramatically over previous election cycles.

On Tuesday, for instance, the total number of early in person voters was 1,066. In 2008, that number was 252, and in 2016, the same figure was 463.

On Wednesday, the Board reported on Facebook that a total of 1054 people cast ballots. Of that number, 511 arrived between 8 AM and Noon.

In response to a question, officials stated that the average wait time to vote is running about 10 to 15 minutes, occasionally a bit longer.

As a reminder, early in person voting is available through the day before Election Day. More information, including a schedule, can be accessed via our previous post on this subject (see below).

Early Voting Schedule Set | 1812Blockhouse

With news circling around the issue of absentee and mail-in voting, the Richland County Board of Elections has a straightforward and easy way for you to cast your ballot in this year’s General Election before Election Day.

Image by Venita Oberholster from Pixabay

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