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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About: WMAN Radio

23 Jun , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

On February 21, 1940, the Federal Communications Commission authorized radio station WMAN to expand its broadcasting from daylight hours to a 6 AM to Midnight schedule.

Eight decades later, the station is still going strong.

Today, we share “Everything You Always Wanted To Know” about Mansfield’s long-time news and sports source at 1400 AM:

Frequency: Originally at 1370 AM, it and many other stations across the country changed on March 24, 1941, in an effort to clear up the airwaves. WMAN was moved to 1400 AM, where it remains.

Application to FCC: For a 250 watt station to be broadcast during the daytime, submitted on April 26, 1938

Went live: December 29, 1939

First programming: Stars “Rusty & Dusty”; musical acts (such as a piano duo accompanying a vocal duet); speeches, sports

First owner: Richland, Inc., George Satterleee, President

FCC action and lawsuit with the Mansfield News Journal: The last couple of years of the 1940s and the first couple years of the 1950s were difficult ones in the Mansfield media community. First, the News Journal, likes its counterpart in Lorain, was denied a permit for its own AM station. In response, WMAN argued that the newspaper was engaging in anti-competitive actions. A judgment in that case can be read here. Second, it was alleged that the News Journal violated the Sherman Antitrust Act (ironically, named for Mansfield’s own Secretary of the Treasury John Sherman) because it forbad companies that advertised on WMAN from also advertising in the paper. After the Lorain newspaper ended losing in the United States Supreme Court, the News Journal signed a consent owner and the advertising boycott went away.

Curent owner: iHeartMedia, Inc.

Power: Originally 250 watts; now 920 watts

Simulcast: Has simulcast with station WMAN-FM, 98.3, since December 29, 1939

Sports Networks: WMAN is a part of the Cleveland Indians Radio Network and the Ohio State Sports Network

Listen: You can listen live to WMAN at this location online.

Sources: Wikipedia, casetext, Mansfield News Journal; Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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