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It has been several months since we have mentioned artificial intelligence tools and their use here on 1812Blockhouse.

Based on the speed at which AI has taken the world by storm, those few months have seen tremendous advancements and changes. Our first forays into the use of those tools were mostly experimental; we did a feature story on Kingwood Center, for instance written by a non-human hand, something we emphasized at the time.

The use of AI has now reached most newsrooms across the country. Some local media have expressed serious reservation and caution, often emphasizing AI’s tendency to make up facts and, in some instances, quotes – and even people. We have watched this take place elsewhere, while at the same time we have found that there are ways to minimize that risk and to safeguard accuracy.

One such way is to use AI not to create material, but to organize loaded material into a narrative format. While it is not foolproof, that process, when combined with careful editing, is proving to be a winning format.

We can now share with our readers that we are using AI on a daily basis here on 1812Blockhouse for content organization, coding, and other purposes. As we do so, we encourage our readers to contact us with corrections, suggestions, story ideas, and any other purpose. As always, thank you for being an 1812Blockhouse reader!

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