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Avita Joins Placenta Donation Program

20 Feb , 2021  

Avita Health System has announced their first successful placenta donation through Lifeline of Ohio’s Placenta Donation program. With the addition of this program, expectant mothers now have the option to heal others through the donation of their placenta.

“Our medical and nursing staff in the OB department at Avita are extremely excited to participate in this program,” said Kathy Durflinger. “For years, placentas were discarded after birth. The scientific breakthrough of using placenta tissue for wound healing, and so much more, allows us to be part of something greater. With the support from our new moms and Lifeline of Ohio, we have the potential to positively impact numerous lives.” More…


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Avita Announces Community Vaccination Process

15 Jan , 2021  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

Avita Health System has received a limited number of COVID-19 vaccines to administer to the public for Phase 1B of Ohio’s Phased Approach.

As of Thursday, Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario Hospitals are taking vaccine requests from persons 80 years of age and older. To request an appointment, call 419-468-0800 Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Requests will not be accepted from those who do not meet the minimum age requirement. Walk-in appointments are not available.

“The public will be scheduled for their COVID-19 vaccine at Avita on a first come, first serve basis,” explains Jerome Morasko, CEO / President of Avita Health System. “We have a limited number of doses to administer from our first shipment of vaccines for Phase 1B, which is outlined to start with those 80 years of age and older. As this phase progresses, many others will get a turn to be vaccinated.” More…

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Avita Expands Antibody Infusion Treatment

17 Dec , 2020  

To help fight the COVID-19 virus, Avita Health System is expanding monoclonal antibody treatment by opening an infusion clinic at Galion Hospital on Monday for patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 who are high-risk of developing severe illness.

“For almost a month, Avita’s emergency departments in Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario have been providing antibody infusion therapy,” explained Jerry Morasko, CEO / President of Avita Health System. “Now we’re expanding services to an outpatient clinic at Galion Hospital, which will allow us to serve more patients in our communities.”

Monoclonal antibodies are a type of medication produced in a laboratory that can mimic the human immune system response to infection or other diseases. These particular medications are designed to block viral attachment and entry into human cells, thus neutralizing the virus that causes COVID-19. More…

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Avita Health Opens Three COVID-19 Testing Sites

3 Nov , 2020  

Avita Health System has opened COVID-19 testing sites at Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario Hospitals. Patients can be tested for COVID-19, as well as influenza and strep throat, while in their vehicles in the parking lot with an order from a medical provider.

Scheduled appointments are required for testing.

The testing sites will be open at Galion Hospital (South Entrance) from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Bucyrus Hospital (Cardiac Rehab Entrance) from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM, and Ontario Hospital (East Entrance) from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM. More…

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Area Hospitals Begin To Allow Limited Patient Visitation

16 Jun , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff, OhioHealth; Avita Health System

It is perhaps not surprising that the two health systems with the largest footprint in Richland County announced changes in visitation rules on the same day.

Those for Avita Health System became effective on Monday, with those of OhioHealth taking effect on Tuesday.

In both cases, one visitor per patient is allowed as a general rule in specific places and at specific times. More…

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