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Carousel Works Restores One Of America’s Last Steam-Powered Carousels

12 Aug , 2018  

Mansfield’s Carousel Works routinely undertakes the creation of unique and interesting new carousels across the country and around the world.

Occasionally, however, the work is not creating, but rather bringing something back and giving it new life.

Such was the situation recently in Madison, South Dakota, where the company turned its attention to rare survivor – one of, and perhaps the only one of its vintage – carousels that operated by steam. According to this article on, the carousel at Prairie Village in Madison is celebrating its grand “re-opening” after two years of repair.

According to the article, “…Each horse was also re-painted by hand.  What you see today is what could have been seen a hundred years ago. They left every part this carousel original that could possible be left original and still allow you to operate it for years to come and operate it safely…”

Below is a five year-old video showing the Prairie Village carousel and its unique means of operation.

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