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ODOT Seeks Comments On I-71 Culvert Project

23 Apr , 2020  

The Ohio Department of Transportation has announced the opportunity for the public to comment on three culvert maintenance projects.

In addition to ODOT District 3 work in Erie and Wayne Counties, the comment period is open for the project along Interstate 71 approximately 50 feet north of State Route 546 in southern Richland County.

The existing structure is a 72-inch diameter concrete pipe. This pipe was punctured by a 12-inch abutment pile from the IR-71 northbound bridge. The 12-inch pile will be left in place and a spray liner will be placed over the damaged section of the concrete pipe.

The project will be completed within existing ODOT right-of-way, and dDeep excavation will not be required for the proposed work and utilities will not be relocated because of the project. In accordance with the ODOT Office of Environmental Services’ (OES) Regulated Materials Review (RMR) Screening, there are no regulated materials located adjacent to the project. Based on this information, the project is considered exempt from further RMR investigation.

One stream will be impacted to repair the culvert. ODOT will obtain the appropriate waterway permit prior to any work below the ordinary highwater mark of the stream.

The Department has initiated contact with emergency and other public services and will continue to coordinate with these services throughout construction. No detours will be required to conduct the work at all three locations.

On April 14, 2020, district environmental staff accessed the SHPO GIS database, and in accordance with Appendix B of the Section 106 PA executed November 8, 2017, the project will not impact historic properties or historic districts.

Construction is anticipated to begin in April 2021. Written comments about the proposed project may be mailed to Don Rostofer, ODOT District 3 Environmental Coordinator, 906 Clark Avenue, Ashland OH 44805. You can also contact ODOT by telephone at (800) 276-4188 or by email at [email protected]

Source: ODOT, Image by succo from Pixabay

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