What A Year It’s Been For 1812Blockhouse!

18 Dec , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

Today, we’re sharing our 1812Blockhouse Annual Report for 2020 with the Richland County community. You will find it below. For a full size version, click the “2020 Annual Report” link underneath the image.

This has been a powerfully different year for all of us. In the midst of it, local news sites like ours have had to pivot and become instant experts in new fields.

We’ve done our best to meet the community’s need for information — not only through our coverage, but through connecting readers with important stories published in other local media.

In 2021, we’re going to build on this unique approach. We have two new products waiting in the wings for their cue.

Right now, however, we want to take a quick look back and share a brief overview of 2020 with you. We share this in our Annual Report, but it bears emphasizing here: We thank you for taking the initiative to become an 1812Blockhouse reader.

2020 Annual Report by Thomas Palmer

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