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ODOT Seeks Comments On State Route 39 Bridge Replacement Project

18 Dec , 2020  

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ODOT is planning to let a bridge replacement project located on State Route 39 (Mulberry Street) within the city of Mansfield.

The existing bridge will be replaced with a new 54-foot wide, single-span bridge with concrete parapets and with twin steel tubing and 6-foot wide sidewalk on both sides. The bridge project will impact approximately 194-feet of Touby Run to replace this bridge. Approximately 0.09 acres of suitable wooded habitat for listed bat species will be removed for this project. To avoid impacts to listed bat species during summer roosting, all trees will be removed between October 1 and March 31.

The project will only require temporary right-of-way. Deep excavation will be required for the proposed work. Various utilities will need to be relocated to construct this project. In accordance with the ODOT Office of Environmental Services’ (OES) Regulated Materials Review (RMR) guidelines, an RMR Screening was conducted. The current land use of the properties adjacent to this project is commercial and vacant land. No regulated materials records were found with the project boundaries during a search of the Ohio Regulated Properties Search (ORPS) tool and Sanborn mapping. Based on this information, the project is considered exempt from further regulated material investigations.

District environmental staff accessed the SHPO GIS database on November 23, 2020, and in accordance with Stipulation V(C)(2)(a) of the Section 106 PA executed November 8, 2017, the project will not affect historic properties or historic districts.

Traffic and pedestrians will be detoured during construction. The detour duration will be for 120 days. The state Route 39 westbound truck traffic detour route will take Route13 northbound to U.S. 30 westbound to Route 39 westbound. The eastbound Route 39 truck traffic detour route will be the reverse of the Route 39 westbound detour route. The proposed local westbound state Route 39 detour route will take traffic onto West 6th Street westbound to Bowman Street northbound to Route 39 westbound. The proposed eastbound state Route 39 detour route is the reverse of the westbound Route 39 detour route. The pedestrian detour route is West 6th Street to Main Street to Survey Road.

Construction is anticipated to begin in April 2023.

Written comments about the proposed project may be mailed to Don Rostofer, ODOT District 3 Environmental Coordinator, 906 Clark Avenue, Ashland OH 44805. You can also contact ODOT by telephone at (800) 276-4188 or by email at [email protected]

Source: ODOT District 3

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