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National Publication Reviews Ink In the Clink

16 Aug , 2017  

The 2017 edition of Ink in the Clink at the Ohio State Reformatory not only drew bands and tattoo artists from a wide area, it landed on the radar screen of one of America’s most popular sites covering metal and related forms of music.

Screamer Magazine (nicknamed “The Loudest Mag on the Planet”) was originally founded back in 1987, and continues today as an online site for reviews, interviews, and feature stories.

On Monday, the site published a review of the event entitled “IN THIS MOMENT: Headlines Ink In The Clink Day 1.” In it, writer Mike Ritchie begins, “Ink in the Clink began with the first of three all-day showcases featuring revolving bands on two stages side by side with the brick and mortar backdrop and towers of the Ohio State Reformatory under the sun.   Mansfield, Ohio played host to the weekend of music, tattoo artists, vendors and fans from all over coming to explore ‘the haunts’ within the walls and cells.”

Ritchie goes on to review individual band performances, and picture galleries are included.

The story can be accessed here.

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