All About Richland

Better Check That Bus Schedule!

15 May , 2019  

After weeks of planning, Richland County Transit is ready to make a change.

Starting on Monday, May 20, RCT will be initiating new routes and schedules. What was formerly 15 separate routes have now been combined into 9 with an expanded set of stops and coverage areas. Bus times and frequencies have also changed. More…


All Things Business

Community Collaboration Leads To Increased Industrial Park Bus Service

6 Oct , 2018  

In an effort to support Mansfield industrial park employees, Richland County Transit joined forces with businesses as well as North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc (NECIC) and its workforce development division, Temp2Higher, and the Richland County Regional Planning Commission to bring increased service to the area. Not only will RCT continue their regular service, but, for a six-month trial period, buses will run at times that coincide with shift hours at most industrial park employers. More…

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