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OhioHealth Mansfield and Shelby Hospitals are set to revolutionize respiratory care with the introduction of the Nihon Kohden NKV-330 ventilators, marking a significant enhancement in the treatment capabilities available to patients. These state-of-the-art machines not only speed up the delivery of care but also come equipped with features that improve patient monitoring and comfort.

Innovative Features for Improved Monitoring and Comfort

The new Nihon Kohden 330s ventilators provide several advanced features that distinguish them from their predecessors. These machines are equipped with “smart wires” that directly connect to the patient or their mask, offering real-time monitoring of oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide levels. This immediate feedback allows healthcare providers to adjust treatment quickly and efficiently.

According to Sarah Morgan, MD, director of Mansfield Hospital’s Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, these ventilators represent a leap forward in technology. “The ventilators are not only faster in delivering care but their capability to provide heated, high-flow air through a high flow nasal cannula is a significant improvement over previous models,” Dr. Morgan explained.

Key Specifications and Versatility

The NKV-330 ventilators are designed for a broad range of patients, from adults to children weighing at least 12.5 kg. They are suitable for patients requiring minimal tidal volumes and offer multiple ventilation modes to cater to different respiratory conditions. Features include:

  • SPONT-PS, S/T, PCV, PRVC, and PPV ventilation modes
  • High flow oxygen therapy
  • Adaptive triggering and dual HEPA filtration to protect both patient and equipment
  • Continuous monitoring capabilities for CO2 and SpO2, even in standby mode
  • A “hot-swappable” main battery with up to four hours of runtime, plus an internal backup battery

These ventilators are not only effective in stationary settings like ICUs but are also portable for use in emergency rooms and during intra-hospital transport.

Enhanced Portability for Critical Care

A key feature of the NKV-330 model is its portability. “The ability to unhook the ventilators from their base and attach them directly to a patient’s bed simplifies the process of transporting critically ill patients within the hospital,” said Dr. Morgan. This feature is particularly valuable in emergency situations where time and mobility can dictate patient outcomes.

Implementation and Accessibility

Starting May 15, these ventilators will be deployed across various facilities within the OhioHealth network. Mansfield Hospital will integrate 21 of these machines, while Shelby Hospital and the freestanding emergency departments in Ontario and Ashland will receive two each. Priced at approximately $13,500 each, these ventilators represent a significant investment towards enhancing patient care.

Sources: OhioHealth, Nihon Kohden

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