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Ontario city leaders are calling on residents and students to engage in the final stages of crafting the new Ontario Comprehensive Community Action Plan by participating in the community preferences survey. This vital step follows a series of consultations that have shaped the preliminary phases of the PLAN Ontario initiative, which kicked off in September last year.

Engaging the Community in Shaping the Future

The PLAN Ontario process started with a broad consultation phase, allowing community members to voice their concerns and ideas through surveys and interviews. Over 1,200 participants, including residents, students, and other stakeholders, have contributed so far, helping to identify key areas of focus for Ontario’s future development.

Key Themes Identified

From the initial feedback, five major themes have emerged as focal points for the city’s strategic planning:

  • Pedestrian Connectivity: Enhancing walkability and connectivity throughout the city.
  • Infrastructure: Upgrading and maintaining essential city infrastructure.
  • Neighborhood Revitalization: Rejuvenating Ontario’s residential areas.
  • Parks & Recreation: Expanding and improving recreational facilities and green spaces.
  • Economic Development: Driving economic growth and sustainability.

The Preferences Survey: A Closer Look at Community Desires

To refine the strategies for addressing these themes, a more targeted “preferences survey” has been developed. This survey is crucial for the planning team and the steering committee to understand specific community preferences and priorities. Residents are encouraged to participate by visiting the Ontario City website and selecting the Community Preferences Survey, or directly through the link: Ontario Preferences Survey.

Last Call for the Initial Community Survey

For those who haven’t yet voiced their opinions, the initial community survey remains open. This brief survey can be accessed on the City of Ontario’s website under the Community Survey section. It’s a prime opportunity for residents who haven’t participated to ensure their views are considered in the final plan.

Residents with questions or who need more information on how to engage with the planning process can contact Mr. Kris Knapp, Services Director, at the City of Ontario. Mr. Knapp is available at 555 Stumbo Road, Ontario, Ohio 44906, or by phone at (419) 529-2495. Emails can be sent to [email protected].

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