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Richland Roots Begins Sunday

17 Mar , 2018  

From our very first posts, 1812Blockhouse has been sharing a mixture of news and information with occasional articles on the amazing stories of this amazing place in which we live and work.

Revitalization has been a local buzzword recently. The experience of communities across the country has shown that revitalization is both achievable and sustainable if it has roots – in other words, if it speaks to the dynamic that makes a place unique and sets it apart. One word for this is “authenticity.”

In the last year and a half, we have looked at 38 buildings and structures in our “Landmarks of Mansfield” series which provide tangible connections to that authenticity. In each of those, we have also tried to include a glimpse at the lives of those who lived or worked in those places.

While we will be continuing our Landmarks of Mansfield, we are now adding to it in two ways. First, we will be expanding our focus to landmarks throughout Richland County – in its cities, its villages, and its countryside. Don’t worry, Mansfielders – we have many more to go there as well.

Second, and beginning tomorrow, we will be adding a series on the remarkable people who have called this place home over the last two hundred years. We’re calling this “Richland Roots.”

Some were born here; others spent a portion of their lives in Richland County. In all cases, they have done remarkable things which have been noted for history’s sake. Mind you, we are very aware that remarkable things are accomplished every day and in a million ways by those who live here today; we plan to include them as well.

Tomorrow we begin with a look at a remarkable pioneer and Mansfield native, someone whose name and story you may not know.

We hope that you will enjoy this journey with us.

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