Prospect Students Share Their Dreams

21 Jan , 2019  

Keri Loughry’s classroom at Prospect Elementary School was filled with dreams Friday morning. Her first-graders concluded a weeklong study of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – including the civil rights leader’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech – by making posters of their own dreams.

There was a lot of writing, cutting and pasting going on as the students finished their posters. Each poster included a cloud on which students wrote their dream above a photo of themselves.

Valeeecia’s poster reflected a dream shared by several others: “I wish white people and black people can get along with each other,” she said.

Jacob’s dream: That homeless people will have homes.

Another: I wish that Dr. King was not shot.

The students’ completed posters are displayed in the hallway outside their classroom around a banner that proclaims “We Have a Dream.”

Mansfield City Schools buildings will be closed Monday for the federal holiday that recognizes the life and work of Dr. King.

Source: Mansfield City Schools

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