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The Mansfield/Richland County Public Library has partnered with Advantage Preservation to ensure that the rich history of the area is both preserved and accessible. Advantage Preservation is a specialist in the preservation and digital access of historical newspaper content, working with over 500 libraries and newspaper publishers across the country. This partnership is a significant step in preserving the “first draft of history” for future generations.

Advantage Preservation’s Role

Advantage Preservation captures historical newspaper content to microfilm, adhering to ANSI/AIIM standards for 500-year preservation. This meticulous process ensures that historical records are preserved accurately and securely. In addition to microfilming, Advantage provides online access to this content, enhancing the preservation process and making it easier for the community to access and explore its history.

The digitization of these records is not a replacement but a supplement to long-term archival strategies. This approach allows for the preservation of the physical copies while providing a practical way for the community to connect with their history. The digitized content saves time, improves research accuracy, protects the original copies, saves money on physical replacements, and creates a valuable community asset.

Rich Collection of Historical Newspapers

The archive boasts an extensive collection of historical newspapers and documents that capture the essence of the community’s history. Some key titles and their respective page counts include:

  • Richland Shield and Banner: 18,329 pages (1850-1913)
  • The Mansfield Journal: 11,601 pages (1925-1926)
  • Mansfield Herald: 8,606 pages (1856-1890)
  • The Weekly News: 7,686 pages (1891-1910)
  • Bellville Messenger: 4,414 pages (1893-1919)
  • Semi Weekly News: 4,174 pages (1894-1900)
  • Ohio Liberal: 3,759 pages (1873-1884)
  • Daily Shield and Banner: 3,170 pages (1888-1890)
  • Bellville Star: 3,002 pages (1881-1889)
  • Butler Enterprise: 2,638 pages (1893-1907)
  • Mansfield Daily Journal: 1,367 pages (1924-1925)
  • Richland Star: 1,252 pages (1877-1881)
  • Richland County Leader: 982 pages (1920-1922)
  • Mansfield Gazette and Richland Farmer: 776 pages (1827-1831)
  • Mansfield Gazette: 758 pages (1823-1827)
  • Bellville Independent: 719 pages (1889-1895)
  • Weekly News: 610 pages (1911-1912)
  • Mansfield Semi Weekly Herald: 524 pages (1861-1862)
  • Western Sentinel: 520 pages (1830-1832)
  • Butler Times: 492 pages (1903-1923)
  • Worthington Enterprise: 190 pages (1888-1890)
  • Independent Star: 56 pages (1889-1889)
  • Richland County Democrat: 53 pages (1850-1851)
  • Mansfield Daily Banner: 48 pages (1883-1883)
  • Mansfield Daily News: 48 pages (1885-1889)
  • Mansfield Daily Herald: 22 pages (1877-1886)
  • Weekly Independent: 20 pages (1888-1889)
  • Mansfield Sunday News: 20 pages (1888-1888)
  • Mansfield Democrat: 16 pages (1884-1885)
  • The Ohio Liberal: 12 pages (1896-1896)
  • Mansfield Daily Shield: 8 pages (1907-1907)
  • Mansfield Flag: 8 pages (1874-1874)
  • Morning Call: 8 pages (1881-1881)
  • Ulster County Gazette: 4 pages (1800-1800)
  • Richland Democrat: 4 pages (1861-1861)
  • Sunday Morning Call: 4 pages (1877-1877)

Importance of the Archive

These historical newspapers provide invaluable insights into the daily lives, events, and societal changes within the community. They offer a window into the past, helping researchers, historians, and community members to understand and appreciate the historical context of their region. The digitization and preservation of these documents ensure that this rich history remains accessible and protected for future generations.

By making these resources available online, the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library and Advantage Preservation are fostering a deeper connection between the community and its history. This initiative not only preserves the past but also enhances the ability of current and future generations to engage with and learn from it.

You can access the collection here.

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