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Richland Public Health Announces Two County COVID Deaths Monday

28 Jul , 2020  

By 1812Blockhouse

It’s the first time that it has happened, and it is a tragic note in the ongoing struggle with a local and global health pandemic.

On Monday, Richland Public Health confirmed two deaths due to COVID-19 which have taken place in Richland County.

The first involved a 79 year man who died from COVID-related pneumonia who was not in a congregate setting. The second was a 69 year old man who was from a congregate living setting and had underlying health conditions.

These are the 10th and 11th county deaths resulting from the virus.

Numbers reported Monday by Richland Public Health were as follows:

  • Confirmed cases — 470
  • Probable cases — 17
  • Total — 487
  • Age Range: 6 months to 96 years with the median age of 40
  • Recoveries — 370
  • Total active cases — 117
  • Hospitalizations — 70
  • ICU admissions — 24
  • Deaths — 11

The trending line remains at approximately 6 in terms of new cases per day, with a continued upwards trajectory.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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