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Ohio’s Prisons And Coronavirus: The Latest Numbers

8 May , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

When Governor DeWine announced the impending cut of $775 million to state spending, he noted that one agency from completely exempt from any cuts — the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

That Department is currently managing the substantial impact that COVID-19 is having not only in individual prisons, but also in the communities outside of those prisons from which guards and other employees travel to work.

As of Thursday, May 7, numbers reported by that Department were as follows for inmate testing across Ohio:

  • Number of tests taken: 6,952
  • Number of test results pending: 75
  • Number of positive test results: 4,329
  • Number of negative test results: 2,548

Richland County’s prisons had the following reports:

MANCI — 2,372 inmates in quarantine, with no positive tests and 1 inmate who has recovered. There have been four positive tests for, and I staff member has recovered.

RCI – No infections reported, inmates or staff

In contrast, the situation at MCI in Marion is still serious but continues to improve. There are currently 1,312 inmates in quarantine. 1,134 inmates have tests positive for COVID-19, with four tests pending. 1,066 inmates have recovered, and there have been 12 inmate deaths. There have also been 177 positive staff tests, one staff death, and 140 staff recoveries.

Source: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction; Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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