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ODRC Seeks Release Of Funds For Mansfield, Richland Correctional Renovation Project

11 Dec , 2021  

By 1812Blockhouse

The State of Ohio Controlling Board will consider a request from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to release funds for a large renovation project at Richland (RiCI) and Mansfield Correctional Institutions (ManCI) at their meeting on Monday.

The total request is for $10,496,460 to three suppliers.

The construction manager at risk is 2K General Co. of Delaware. The project involves the following:



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Ohio’s Prisons And Coronavirus: The Latest Numbers

8 May , 2020  

By: 1812Blockhouse Staff

When Governor DeWine announced the impending cut of $775 million to state spending, he noted that one agency from completely exempt from any cuts — the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

That Department is currently managing the substantial impact that COVID-19 is having not only in individual prisons, but also in the communities outside of those prisons from which guards and other employees travel to work. More…

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A Tale Of Two Counties: Richland County’s Near Neighbor Experiences Coronavirus Outbreak

20 Apr , 2020  

The two counties are adjacent to each other north central Ohio, separated by only one county.

Marion County is much half the size, population-wise, than its near neighbor to the east. The US Census Bureau estimated that 124,175 people lived in Richland County in 2019, as compared to 65,093 people in Marion County.

The statewide report released on Saturday on COVID-19 infections, however, shows dramatically different impacts of the virus, with the smaller county registering a 130% increase in just one day. More…

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