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Mansfield Police Issue Statement On Possible Planned Violence

5 Jun , 2020  

By: Mansfield Division of Police; 1812Blockhouse Staff

Stating that no additional comments will be forthcoming at this time, Mansfield Police Chief Keith Porch issued a statement Thursday on the City’s website and on social media.

The statement concerns statements suggesting that violence of some type is planned for a location or locations within the city of Mansfield on Friday evening, June 5. It reads as follows:

“Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker, Safety Service Director Lori Cope, and Mansfield Police Chief Keith Porch are aware of social media posts that were circulated earlier this week calling for violence within the City of Mansfield on the evening of Friday June 5, 2020.

Concerned citizens contacted the Mansfield Division of Police and sent screenshots of the posts. By all indications, the intent is for violence and destruction and there is NO indication of this being a peaceful protest.

The city administration as well as Chief Porch do not condone acts of violence and/or rioting activity. The Mansfield Division of Police will respond appropriately and according to law.


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