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Mansfield Police Asks For Assistance In Possible Abduction

24 Apr , 2018  

The following press release was issued within the last hour by the City of Mansfield Police Department:


Subject: Suspicious Circumstances/Possible Abduction Attempt

The Mansfield Division of Police is looking into an incident where an unknown white male, pulled up next to a 10 year old female juvenile walking home from a bus stop in the 800 block of Millsboro Road. The driver asked the juvenile, “if she needed a ride home”. The juvenile ran home at which time police were notified. This happened at approximately 2:50 PM on April 23.

The unknown white male is described as “older and bald” and operating a gray SUV type of vehicle. This is all the information we have at this time. If anyone saw this incident and/or can provide any additional information, please contact Lt. Rob Skropits at (419) 755-9755. Thank you.


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