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Dumpster Day In The St. Peter’s District

22 Sep , 2019  

If you live in the St. Peter’s District, next Saturday is a good time to clear unwanted stuff from your garage, yard or homestead. Downtown Mansfield St. Peter’s District Committee, in partnership with the Richland County Land Bank, is holding a Dumpster Day on Saturday, September 28, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The dumpster will be located at the St. Peter’s Parish & School in the lower lot behind the Franciscan Activity Center.

To take part, you must be a resident of the St. Peter’s District, which is bounded by Marion Avenue to the north, Main Street to the west and Glessner Avenue to the south. A map of the area can be accessed here.

There will be volunteers on hand to help participants unload cars and trucks.

Please take note of the items that will not be accepted: Metal, tires, asbestos, batteries, oil/paint/hazardous chemicals, explosive/flammable materials, AC/freezers/refrigerators/appliances (freon), acids/caustics/pesticides/chemicals, propane tanks, medical radioactive waste, liquid or liquid wastes, drums or tanks, animal carcasses, brush/wood/yard waste, computer equipment, TVs/DVDs/VCRs, telephones/cell phones/answering machines, stereos, fax machines and video displays.

Downtown Mansfield Incorporated’s mission is to stimulate economic development, improve the appearance, and create a positive image of downtown Mansfield as a desirable place to work, live, shop and invest. The Downtown Mansfield St. Peter’s District Committee meets monthly and focuses on District goals that will aid this important and historical residential neighborhood. Visit for more information.


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