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Community Health Assessment Issued

5 May , 2017  

This week, Richland Public Health published the 2016 Richland County Community Health Assessment (“CHA”). Using data collected from over 1,700 Richland County residents, the CHA was designed by a collaborative group of 26 county, city, and area nonprofit organizations.

As the report begins, “Through this report, we have a better understanding of the health concerns of our community. The ultimate best use of this data is to study it and plan to improve the health of our neighbors and friends. Richland County organizations and agencies have a long-standing history of collaboration. With the data obtained in this assessment, we can better address the community needs to make Richland County a healthier, better place to live.

The CHA can be viewed on the Richland Public Health website at this location. The data is broken down by age group (Adult, Youth, Child) and health area topic.

One hope of the organization is that the 189 pages of information shared can be used to identify and prioritize needs, seek funding to address identified issues, and also develop effective programs and action plans.

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