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Richland Cities, Villages, Townships Would See Increases Under Kasich Budget

19 Feb , 2017  

Some localities dislike the idea; others stand to benefit.

Whichever the case, the proposed biennial budget submitted by Governor John Kasich suggests a continuation of the roller coaster ride of local governments over the last ten years in terms of state funding.

The proposed budget changes the way that state support for local government is calculated, saying that it would be re-targeted to communities that need assistance for basic services – what is called “capacity-driven formula.” About one-fifth of Ohio cities would lost Local Government Fund money in the second year of the new formula, as well as one-third of villages and townships.

The Office of Management and Budget has published tables showing the two year impact of the proposed change in local government funds. In all cases, Richland County localities would see higher revenue numbers from Columbus.

The City of Mansfield would see a modest 2.2 percent increase; the highest number would be a whopping 74.4 percent two-year increase in Sharon Township. Springfield and Madison Townships fare extremely well, with 40.2 and 39.8 percent increases, respectfully.

1812Blockhouse has already reviews proposed budgetary changes for local schools under the Kasich budget. That story can be found here. The Kasich budget is now under review in the Ohio House of Representatives, which is expected to create its own proposal.


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