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Safety Town Dates, Details Announced

9 Jun , 2017  

The Mansfield Division of Police has announced the opening of the 2017 “Safety Town Program.” Started in 1937 by Mansfield Police Officer Frend Boals, the “Safety Town” program is based on an educational platform designed to provide pre-kindergarten children with valuable traffic and personal safety tips and awareness. More…

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All About Mansfield

Baby Box Program Launched Statewide And Here In Richland County

11 Mar , 2017  

The Baby Box Co., the company behind the global integrated program Baby Box University to improve family health-care outcomes and reduce Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS), today announced that Ohio is the second U.S. state to launch a universal program where all expecting and new parents can receive a free Baby Box by completing online parenting education. More…

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