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Local Multimedia Artist Shares Images And Sounds Of North Central Ohio

20 Dec , 2016  

It’s clear that Shelby’s Dyanna Lynn White loves Richland County and this part of Ohio.

The visual artist and musician has issued her latest collection of photographs of area scenes, just in time for last-minute holiday shopping. The collection is included in a 2017 calendar featuring images of Seltzer Park in Shelby, and can be acquired on the popular self-publishing Lulu website.

Other 2017 calendars by White are available as well, including one with photographs taken at Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield.

As White shares on her Lulu spotlight page, “I think that it’s the best place on the planet to live.”

White also has a handful of song compositions on YouTube. Fittingly, the one below is called “Blue Kentucky Christmas.”

White’s 2017 calendar collection can be found at this location.

Photo Credit: Kingwood Center Gardens, 1812Blockhouse Photo


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