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Child Care Changes In New Ohio Budget

6 Jul , 2021  

By Susan Tebben, Ohio Capital Journal

Child care in the state will still have one standard-making process that was nearly cut from the state budget, while other investments in broadband and publicly-funded child care come with praise from Ohio advocates.

Leaders of child care facilities and policy advocates in the state were worried that Step Up to Quality, the state’s standard-monitoring system and ranking method for licensed child care programs, would be eliminated after a Senate revision of the budget noted that as a goal. The system was ultimately retained in the final budget version signed by Gov. Mike DeWine into law.
Also included in the budget, financial eligibility for publicly-funded child care (PFCC) was widened for Ohio children, including those with special needs. More…

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Subject Of ’91 Ed Funding Lawsuit Sees Hope In New State Budget

7 May , 2021  

By Susan Tebben, Ohio Capital Journal

In 1991, Sheridan High School freshman Nathan DeRolph thought Ohio’s education funding formula would change before he entered college.

He and his parents had filed a lawsuit against the state that would eventually make it to the Ohio Supreme Court, fighting against the overreliance on property taxes built into public school funding. “I kind of naively, I think, thought by the time I’m a senior in high school, this will all be wrapped up and hopefully there will be a new funding plan in place, and generations after me won’t have to deal with the same challenges,” DeRolph said.

Three decades later, he just watched his daughter graduate from high school, under the same funding system his family fought against, through multiple supreme court decisions. More…

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