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Why We Love Our Outdoor Dining

23 Aug , 2020  

There’s something special about outdoor dining; it changes the whole atmosphere of the meal. Al Fresco dining also has the power to change the atmosphere of our public spaces by giving them a feeling of security and inclusion. In fact, it is part of the overall goal of the Mansfield Rising Plan to create an accessible and welcoming environment for current and potential residents and visitors. Eateries that bring the inside out are part of this movement because they create welcoming environments that draw people in.

In 2020, outdoor dining has also become a comfort to people looking to eat out when they still aren’t ready to spend a long period of time indoors at a public place. So, whether that means eating at tables on the sidewalk, a patio, or on a deck with a view, we have a variety of outdoor dining options in Richland County. More…

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