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Searching For Daffodils

19 Jul , 2018  

A couple with connections to Mansfield City Schools is searching for daffodil bulbs – thousands of them – to plant this fall as part of Mansfield in Bloom. More…

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Celebrating Mansfield In Bloom

11 Jul , 2017  

To celebrate the arrival of America in Bloom judges to Mansfield, today we’re sharing several images from the photo essay we took last summer at Kingwood Center Gardens. A different set will load each time you load this post; be sure to check on any thumbnail for a larger version. More…


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America In Bloom Judges Arrive Next Week

5 Jul , 2017  

Summer in Ohio brings many things, many of them related to contests of various types. In the last few weeks, 1812Blockhouse has shared stories of pageants, photo contests, band competitions, and even an event where facial hair enthusiasts met to vie for prizes.

Every contest needs a judge or two, and next week several of them are coming to Mansfield to cast a careful eye over all things colorful. More…

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Mansfield In Bloom Is Blooming Already

14 May , 2017  

The local effort known as “Mansfield in Bloom” is well underway in supporting community beautification through flowers and horticulture.

The program started in earnest with a late April ribbon-cutting and plant swap. This month and next include additional meetings and events to further Mansfield’s participation. More…

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Mansfield In Bloom Seeks Volunteers

29 Mar , 2017  

Mansfield In Bloom’s planning committees will meet on Thursday, March 30 at 8:00 AM in the Carriage House at Kingwood Center, 50 Trimble Road.

There, meeting participants will review their projects, volunteers and next steps. New committee volunteers are welcome to attend. More…