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Ontario Woman Has A Diamond Dazzling Day

21 Apr , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

What are the odds of “winning big” in the Ohio Lottery?

For one particular $20 scratch-off card, the odds are 3.33 to 1. Those increase, of course, as prize levels increase.

Ohio’s $300 Million Diamond Dazzler costs $20 to play, with the largest prize being $80,000 a year for 25 years – there are seven of those in circulation. The second highest prize, $20,000, are 64.

Make that 63. 

Kathy Tadijanac of Ontario won $20,000 playing the game, the Ohio Lottery announced on Wednesday. After mandatory state and federal taxes totalling 28%, she will receive $14,400.

She purchased her winning ticket at Speedway #3652, located at 564 N Trimble Rd in Mansfield.

The Ohio Lottery has contributed more than $29 billion to education since 1974. For more information about the Ohio Lottery and its contribution to education, visit

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