Great Timing: As Interest Grows In Mansfield Schools, OHSAA Recognizes An Esports State Tournament

19 Jan , 2023  

By 1812Blockhouse

Gamers know well that timing is the key. Moves have to be made at just the right moment to score the maximum number of points or to defeat the monster in a “boss battle.”

Speaking of timing, at the same time that Mansfield City Schools is looking to create an esports experience for high school and possible middle school aged youth, the official association for high school sports in Ohio is making a major step in recognizing esports.

At a recent meeting of the Mansfield City Schools Board of Education, and as we shared in a post on January 17, the high school has seen the creation of an esports club and “…has had an overwhelming response and interest from middle school and high school students.” Our article continued, “This is an extra-curricular activity that appeals to a wide range of students, and for many their first extra-curricular interest. Mr. Boller sited several districts in the area that offer E-Sports and hopes to develop competitions between our area schools.”


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MOESC Looks To Expand Services, Bring In Esports

21 Feb , 2022  

Special to 1812Blockhouse

The Mid-Ohio ESC Board of Governors held their February regular meeting on Wednesday, February 16. Superintendent Kevin D. Kimmel provided the Mid-Ohio Board of Governors a plan to expand and enhance services by utilizing grant funds from the Governors Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund in order to provide extended learning opportunities to Mid-Ohio ESC client districts.

Mid-Ohio ESC was recently awarded over $1 million in funding that will support the creation of new positions and programming. One of these areas deals with the new dyslexia professional development and screening requirements for school districts. In response to these new requirements, Mid-Ohio ESC will be hiring a literacy and dyslexia specialist to serve as an educational consultant on the Teaching & Learning team.


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