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Ohio Earthquake Detection Being Improved; Richland County Site Part Of System

27 Apr , 2021  

The Ohio Seismic Network (OhioSeis) continuously seeks to better serve Ohioans through seismic monitoring and risk mitigation. To that end, it is currently installing the next phase of seismic stations across Ohio. The new Gen-3 seismic stations differ from previous monitoring sites in the way they’re constructed, leading to greater sensitivity.

The first generation of Ohio’s seismic monitoring stations required the instrumentation to be placed indoors, often in areas with numerous sources of human noise, making earthquake detection difficult. In 2016, the second generation of OhioSeis saw instruments placed in remote areas of the state but just below the ground surface in shallow barrel vaults, including one in Richland County. The earthquake magnitude minimum detection threshold dropped from about M3.0 to M2.0 with the second-generation installations. However, many earthquakes in the state remained undetected. More…