History & Tourism

A Day In Shiloh

15 Oct , 2020  

In Richland County, you don’t have to go far to get away from city life. If you follow Route 13 North out of the city of Mansfield, you’ll quickly leave behind the trappings of urban and suburban living. With the city in your rearview mirror, the beautiful tapestry of fields, farmland, and rolling hills of Shiloh unfolds before you. Ahead is a region of bounty and slow country living. You’ll see horses and buggies, clothes hanging out on the line, and farm stands filled with the pick of the day. More…

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History & Tourism

Richland County Tourism Destinations Offering New Experiences In 2020

20 Feb , 2020  

Richland County already has an amazing lineup of tourism and visitor destinations, and several of those attractions are introducing exciting new experiences this year. Whether you have visited these places before or haven’t yet, put them on your list of 2020 Must Visit Locations.

Garden Gateway at Kingwood Center Gardens

The new Garden Gateway will transform the visitor experience at the historic garden estate of Kingwood Center Gardens. The Garden Gateway will feature an auto garden, a visitor center, and updated garden areas. More…

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