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Richland As It Was, 72 Years Ago: Census Records Being Released Next Week

22 Mar , 2022  

By 1812Blockhouse

What were Mansfield and Richland County like in 1950?

You’re about to get the opportunity to find out.

Thanks to what the National Archives refers to as the “72 Year Rule,” each year that ends with a “2” brings the release of another decennial census. In this case, the 1950 census will be released to the public this April 1.

Originally, US census records were not made public. In 1978, an agreement between the Director of the Bureau of the Census and the Archivist of the United States changed that practice and set that 72 year period.


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Stand Up And Be Counted

1 Oct , 2019  

Preparations are underway for the 2020 Federal Census, and it’s important that everyone be counted because the census has far-reaching implications for Richland County residents.

The census will determine federal funding for the state and local governments including funding for transportation, health care, education, and housing. The new population count also impacts redistricting and the number of representatives Ohio will have in the U.S. House of Representatives. More…