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This year, we have added a handful of Fall Road Trip and Winter Road Trip ideas to our usual staple of Summer Road Trips. Each has provided Richland Countians with an easy day trip idea that features something unique and different.

As always, we remind our readers that Richland County itself is full of interesting things to see and do. Find out more on the Destination Mansfield website.

In southern Ohio a unique cultural gem is preparing for its grand reopening. The Rev. Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum, after being closed for two years, is set to welcome visitors again on Saturday, January 20, at 12:00 PM. Located at the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center in Logan, this one-of-a-kind museum boasts an astonishing collection of over 5,000 pencil sharpeners.

The Hocking Hills Tourism Association has worked diligently to transform the museum from its original modest shed-like structure into a state-of-the-art facility. This new space is not only handicapped accessible but also features museum-quality cases, elevating the presentation of this unique collection.

Audrey Martin, the Deputy Director of the Hocking Hills Tourism Association and the leader of the rebuilding project, emphasized the museum’s universal appeal. “Visitors of all ages are transported back to their childhood by the breadth of the collection,” she shared. This appeal has drawn families from as far as Texas and international visitors, making the museum a global attraction.

The Pencil Sharpener Museum originated from the private collection of Rev. Johnson and his wife at their home. After Rev. Johnson’s passing, his family, recognizing the collection’s value, agreed to move it to a more public space in 2011. Carol Johnson, Rev. Johnson’s daughter, will honor her father’s legacy by participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the museum’s new location.

The museum’s growth is not just in its physical space but also in its collection. The addition of over 1,000 pieces from Frank Parades, an antiques enthusiast from Tampa, FL, has expanded its scope. Parades’ collection includes rare early models from the 1800s, further diversifying the museum’s offerings.

The Hocking Hills region, known for its breathtaking natural beauty including waterfalls and rugged rock formations, offers more than just outdoor adventures. The Pencil Sharpener Museum joins other unique attractions like the Columbus Washboard Co. and Hocking Hills Orchard, enriching the cultural landscape of the area.

Situated 40 miles southeast of Columbus, Hocking Hills is a haven for diverse experiences. The region offers an array of lodging options, from traditional hotels to unique treehouses and hobbit homes. Activities like hiking, astronomy, canopy tours, and apple picking cater to a wide range of interests, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking both adventure and tranquility.

For more information on planning your visit, head to or call 1-800-Hocking.

Source, Images: Explore Hocking Hills

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