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OSR Seeking Volunteers In A Very Unique Way

1 Feb , 2018  

Are you “in the know” about the Ohio State Reformatory – or would like to be? Do you like the idea of interacting with people seeking to experience a unique tourist attraction?

The Ohio State Reformatory is looking for volunteer guides and museum store staff for the upcoming tour season. To apply, there’s a slight twist.

After filling out a short application, a link to which can be found online at this location, applicants are then requested to send in a short video interview filmed on their camera, webcam, or phone. A handful of questions have been prepared to be answered that video (which can be found here), such as: “What would the title of your autobiography be?” and the OSR-influenced “You are on death row. What would you choose for your last meal?”

Applications (video is required) must be submitted by March 9.

Photo: Creative Commons License

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