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The Great Richland Quiz Number Two: The Answers

21 Jan , 2023  

By 1812Blockhouse

Here are the answers to our quiz posted yesterday about an icon of early local history, John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed. Give yourself one point for each correct answer and see how you fared. 

  1. A Perrysville woman remembered Johnny visiting her family home as a child. When sleeping, she remembered, he would lay on the floor and put his head on what? — Answer: A bag of appleseeds, of course
  1. When did he move out of the Mansfield area, saying a final good-bye to his friends here?
    1. 1821
    2. 1828
    3. 1837
    4. 1838

Answer: 1838. Some have the date as 1840, but the majority of sources specifically state 1838.

  1. The last surviving tree planted by Johnny Appleseed in the Mansfield area was located on what road? — Answer: Woodland Road
  1. According to popular legend, why did Johnny Appleseed not use campfires? — Answer: Johnny believed in the sacred nature of all animals. He did not light campfires fearing that bugs might fly in and be burned alive.
  1. In what year was the Johnny Applessed monument in South Park dedicated?
    1. 1953
    2. 1940
    3. 1925
    4. 1910

Answer: 1953, it replaced a much earlier monument (erected  in 1900).

  1. Johnny came to live in Mansfield itself at the home of his half sister. What street did she live on? — Answer: She lived on West Fourth Street
  2. He died in and was buried in what city? — Answer: Fort Wayne, Indiana
  3. What word was used to describe him as a businessman?
    1. Shrewd
    2. Lazy
    3. Simple
    4. Content

Answer: Shrewd

  1. How long is the Johnny Appleseed Historic Byway (to the nearest five miles)? — Answer: It is 30 miles long
  1. Which of the following is not on the Byway?
    1. Malabar Farm State Park
    2. Village of Lucas
    3. Old Drake Inn
    4. Oak Hill Cottage

Answer: Oak Hill Cottage


1-4 — Seedling

4-5 — Sprout

6-7 — Apple tree

8-9 — Orchard

10 — Forest

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