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About US 30 And The Rehabilitation Project

6 Apr , 2020  

NOTE – This post from 2019 has been updated with additional information concerning the major rehabilitation project getting underway this spring.

It’s the latest in our “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About” series — today looking one of the main transportation routes in Richland County and north central Ohio – US 30.

When established: November 11, 1926

Relationship to Lincoln Highway: Much of the historic Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway in America, became part of US 30 when it was established; it is still known by that name in many areas.

When first signs posted: July, 1927

Other original Mansfield federal highways: The “Mansfield-Ashland Road” was designated as US 42 (ditto for “road to Mount Gilead”); the “Sandusky-Mansfield-Mount Vernon Road” was designed as US 13.

Length: 3,742 miles

Rank among US highways in terms of length: 3rd longest

Western terminus: South end of Astoria-Megler Bridge in Astoria, Oregon

Eastern terminus: Intersection of Abescon Boulevard and Virginia Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Length in Ohio: 245 miles

Original route west of Mansfield: Between 1926 and 1931, US 30 took the route of today’s SR 309 through Galion and Marion

Divided highway: Between 1931 and 1975, US 30 was divided into two divisions, called US 30N (north) and US 30S (south); after 1975, the former US 30N was re-designated as US 30. US 30N west in Crawford County is now a county road; US 30S was re-designated as SR 309.

Divided highway: US 30 is now a divided, four lane highway between the Indiana border and Canton

Interstates crossed, west to east: 5/84, 15, 80, 25, 29, 35, 55/80, 65, 75, 70/76, 95

States crossed, west to east: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Future of US30: The future of US30 through Ohio may change based on the recent approval of the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation of a regional transportation improvement project which would, if implemented, finally connect the state with an east-west divided highway.

Mansfield Rehabilitation Project: And, as “Mansfielders in the know” know, major work is being planned for the thoroughfare as it traverses the north side of the city. That project has been modified with the eastern section now pegged to cost $72.9 million and will begin construction this spring.

The recent late March closure of the US 30 exit ramp to SR 93 northbound was necessitated by the clearance of trees for the US30 Rehabilitation Project.

In addition to resurfacing, the project will involve:

  • Replacement of various bridges, construction of a median barrier, and shoulder widening along US. 30.
  • Upgrade of ramp merge from the eastbound state Route 13/SR 545 entrance ramp to east of Fifth Avenue.
  • Resurfacing of Longview Avenue from SR 13 (N. Main Street) to state Route 545 (Olivesburg Road).
  • Construction of new eastbound SR 13/SR 545 entrance and exit ramps. The new ramps will be constructed between the existing ramps, which will be removed as part of the project.
  • Resurface the westbound SR 13 entrance and exit ramps, and replace pavement on the eastbound state Route 545 entrance and exit ramps. No changes will be made to the existing ramp geometry.
  • Increase the vertical clearance under the SR 545 and the Fifth Avenue bridges.
  • Remove the bridge over a driveway off of Longview Avenue.
  • Complete maintenance on the US 30 bridge over SR 13.
  • Add corridor lighting and replace the right-of-way fencing.

In terms of traffic maintenance during the multi-year project, the ODOT District 3 website shares, “The Overall Project is currently scheduled to begin construction in the Spring of 2020. By combining the Western and Eastern Projects, the Maintenance of Traffic work zone duration will be reduced from 4 to 3 years. Based upon recent studies, two lanes will be maintained most of the time. US 30 may be reduced to one lane in each direction during short time periods, such as during replacement of the outside shoulders. There may be short closures of roads that pass under US 30 bridges for critical work activities. ODOT will notify the community in advance of closures.​”

Photo: Creative Commons License; Sources: Mansfield News Journal, July 7, 1926; WIkipedia; ODOT

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