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The Richland County Fairgrounds is a portal to the past next month when the 46th Annual Ohio Civil War Show beckons history buffs, families, and the curious. With scheduled events from the crack of dawn into the late afternoon, attendees are invited to traverse centuries within a few steps.

The event is a meticulous orchestration of timelines, with activities and demonstrations from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 4 and 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Sunday, May 5. A modest admission of $7 welcomes adults, while children under 12 explore free when accompanied by an adult. Accessibility and inclusivity are keystones, as the fairgrounds are fully equipped to welcome all guests.

Prepare to be whisked away into the throes of history, where over 700 dealers and demonstrators hold court. The fairgrounds will buzz with the activities of living history encampments, each a storybook chapter come to life. From the booming of cannon fire to the martial beat of infantry drills and the haunting melodies of military bands, history unfurls in a panorama of sights and sounds. A highlight is the presence of Abraham Lincoln, reanimated through the power of reenactment, delivering the Gettysburg Address in a testament to the enduring spirit of America.

Among the echoes of history, the present offers its own delights with an assortment of food trucks and a cafeteria, ensuring that the journey through the past is fueled by the tastes of today.

Rooted in the passion of Don Williams, a stalwart of Civil War history, the event has flourished under the stewardship of his descendants. What began as a conclave of Civil War enthusiasts has expanded to embrace the narratives of World War II, creating a bridge across generations of American military history.

The Ohio Civil War & WWII Historical Event transcends its function as a collector’s haven to become a living classroom. With the 30th Annual Artillery Show, the melodious strains of the 73rd OVI Regimental Band, and the Camp Chase Fife & Drum Corps, history is not just told but experienced. Interactive demonstrations and presentations pepper the schedule, offering insights into military tactics, medical advancements, and the daily life of soldiers across various epochs.

A curated selection of demonstrations brings history into focus, allowing attendees to witness the martial prowess of bygone eras. With reenactments spanning the Revolutionary War to WWII, each demonstration is a thread in the fabric of American history, woven before the eyes of spectators. Special presentations, including a portrayal of the WWII 801st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron, provide a deep dive into the stories behind the front lines.

More information and a schedule of demonstrations can be found here.

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